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  1. Dear Admin ! Sent you Mail, please verify Receipts and process for Activation.
  2. Dear Admin ! Thanks a lot for your Time. Kindly share payments details via Easy Paisa / Jazz Account and Bank details. Also , mention the features available after subscription ? And which stories available for 06 Months Platinum Premium Package ? Also update , what is frquency of Stories Update in Paid section ? How Often ? Once in a week or 02 Time a week or etc ? Your cooperation will be highly appriciated.
  3. Dear concern ! Yesterday i request for paid Memberahip and Order Token also generated. I email to concerns for information of payment tranafer + what packages / sections allowed and facilitie may i avail. In Premium paid files payment excluded i.e 01$ 0r 02$ and Etc. 03 mails sent at provided mail id , still awaiting for proper reply and positive response. Also active Personal message option , as this all seems inedicate to ask openly on whole site.
  4. Very Nice Story .... Excellent writing Keep it up
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