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  1. Raof

    New here

    Kindly check your account payment processed already I need access now
  2. Raof

    New here

    Kindly provide the access
  3. Raof

    New here

    Payment done kindly check email
  4. Raof

    New here

    Asalam o Alikum i Sent the message before I m facing difficulty In terms of payment I want to become a paid member but I cannot pay by PayPal or cash cards how can I pay by bank transfers need help
  5. I sent the email as well is there any way I can pay credit card I don’t have paypal account please guide how to become a paid member I live in Dubai so cant deposit in bank
  6. Asalam o Alikum i am new here can some one plz suggest long stories like aik adhori dastan
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