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  1. Hi to all the respected members of urdufunclub I just to know that my friend have breast size of 38d and she wants to reduce her size so any one of u give me ur suggestion in reducing it Specially Dr.Faisal im waiting for your reply Thanks,
  2. AOA!!! All the members n Mods n Super Mods of urdufunclub this is me Faris from Karachi im 20 yrs old no one invited me to this site i joined it by my self But i know sarfarosh i read his stories on other sites i like this site this site attractive me very much so i joined it i hope all of u like my company
  3. doctor mujy ap sy ek problem pochni hai
  4. hahahahahahahahaahahahahah sir syed ko be nh pata ho ga k ino ny yeah kb kia
  5. by the way surprise gift may hai kiya?
  6. ho jay ga asa b woh waqt door nh hai