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  1. kmaal zhanat se likhi ja ri he kahani, dr kia mind paya he , aaalaaaaaaa
  2. dear kool if it is possible to convert it into to urdu then i say please my dear convert it, so every body can easly understand. and spend his life fear free of .
  3. jahan tak baat he likhnay ki to wo kafi acha likha gia he , and jahan tak baat he Waniya ki , i a bit agree bt mere agree krnay ki wja ye he k haqeeqat se bohat door ja kr likhi gai he kahani, try to be realistic, bt anyways all the best,
  4. Listen friend IST of all timing is not a problem at all. And if u think that because of masturbation u have lost something then u r wrong. As Dr already said that masturbation is normal, This is not a criteria that u check Ur timing while doing masturbate, the actual timing is when u do sex with a female and the most most element of increase in timing is calm, relax and fear free environment. The time u r doing sex with a girl don’t even think of timing issue Just enjoy the time u have got, IST shot most of the time is very short (small period) it can be as short as 3 to 4 mints The 2nd time after the IST time it ll take almost max 20 min to get a full erection ur timing ll be 3 times more than the IST time For example u discharged IST time in 2 mints, then the second time u ll take 8 mints almost, If in case u r ready to do sex third time in same (conditions+envoirnment+partner) Ur timing ll be not less than 20 mints. to get ready for 2nd and third time u can take help from ur partner Ask ur partner to suck ur dick, in this way u ll be ready quickly, to become ready for the third time u can repeat the same. and believe me sex is a game of mind. don’t worry at all about timing. One more thing k how much u use any part of ur body it ll be more efficient, like if u do well exercise and using some weights then ur body mussels get strong, so in the same way how much u use ur dick it ll be more efficient. This is a myth of human body. If u dont use ur dick for the sx activity (sex with partner or masturbation) u ll become impotent very soon if compare with the one who does is frequently. now I ll try to explain medically how timing works IST of all it depends upon the material that is called sperms or semen. if material is full ur timing ll be short, there is a production unit or factory which creates semen or sperms. production complete in normal man in 3 days with normal diet, After completion of production the factory does not stop, but production time becomes slow So the veins of this system start getting full as production is still going on. So whenever u do sex in this time the material (semen/ sperm) is very close way to get out, So this causes the short timing. This explains why the 2nd time u got more time to ejaculate. means Ist time when u discharged all ur veins are empty now the semen or sperms have a long way to come out So automatically it increases the timing, In two short most of ur semen ll be finished or came out, so almost nothing left to come out, in this situation the production factory start work in emergency to produce semen or sperms, it takes a lil time indeed to produce something on urgent bases so third time ll be the hell of a time for ejaculation/discharge. Environment: Although the environment is also a main and a much bigger factor of timing issue, always do sx in calm, peace full, secure and safe environment. if u hav a fear of anything in ur mind, the mind thinks to get rid from the situation(sex intercourse process)as soon as possible and this is normal work human mind does in fear or scary situation. so it sends the signals to finish the process(intercourse) as soon as possible. and the result is less or short timing. Time (time of doing sx like morning or evening): the best best time of doing sex is before Fajar or u can say after 3 in night. Why? Ist of all in night when a person sleeps well , he recharges himself due to sleeping, a person recovers all the energy he hav spent in daily work routine. this time ur stomach is free and empty means ur body parts does not hav any issue or other work to at the same time to consume ur energy. ur mussels are much much in relax form so issues that becomes the reason of Ejaculation or discharge are also in relax position and it takes time to get activated from relax form. Marriage: in case of marriage u r doing sx with ur partner that partner is for u and available 24/7. so here comes the point that I was saying about environment, ur mind is cool and u have no fear of someone or being caught, the result is increase of timing without any thing. 2nd thing k after marriage u use ur dick/penis more frequently so it increases the efficiency and performance. normally in Ist 3 months new couple does sx every day two to three times except the menses or prohibited period. so in 3 months just think how much ur dick ll be excersizing and how much it ll take the strength. Note: even if u r married and it can be happen that u does sx twice a week and timing is 20 min and some day u try to sx but ur penis is not getting eructation. this is also quite normal. U dont hav to rush to any Dr or hakeem. this is the good time to check ur diet, what suits u and what not. Diet: for men diet is also a main factor of not getting full eructation or less timing. always use sweet after ur meal. even a spoon of sugar, believe me guys sweet is very useful for men sexual health. again im repeating that u always must have to use sweet in ur diet after every meal. it helps u alot, if i start writing benefits it ll take more than half hour or more. According to religion it is said also to do use sugar/sweet after meal. things in diet to avoid before sx salt any juice or diet that contains Vitamin C, A lot of information can be obtained from net about healthy sexual diets. but the main things to avoid before sx I describe, But it doesn’t mean that u completely avoid salt and vitamin C in ur daily routine. I meant not use only just before 1 hour or 2. the bottom line is dont worry at all about sx and never test ur timing while doing sx with prostitute or while masturbation. *** STEPS U HAVE TO DO NOW *** just relax ur mind and even after reading u have some questions in ur mind u can ask take some kind of vitamins like VIGOUR (MEN'S HEALTH) from the Vitamin Company I wish not to advertise any specific company name or brand but this is most Secure one instead of going to Hakeems and Dr and my purpose is only to help u. Take this vitamin and for the whole month DO NOT INVOLVE UR SELF IN SEX ACTIVITY. Completely avoid from sx in this period, i repeat the words due to the importance, so Do NOT if u complete these vitamins in 1 month and avoid sx in this period and practice and understand the advices I have told above u ll pray for me from HEART. I welcome all members to cross comment, discuss things where I m wrong, questions. I may hav mistakes in phrases, I ll try to write it in Urdu Roman, but do tell me or let me know that if anything u couldn’t understand. m not frequently posting anything on ufc but I ll try to communicate. fri and sat the off day of my week, so expect my reply from sun to thu
  5. چک کے رکھو۔ اعلٰی اپ ڈیٹ ھے۔ لگے رھو
  6. kia baat he . wah. aaj tak kafi stories perhi hein bt sb mein 1ya 2 batein itni common hein k hnsi ati he k ye log ya to khud bewaqoof hein ya in ko sx ka experience hi nahin he. common batein jese k , os ne black bra pehna hoa tha aur gora bdn chalak raha tha, ya pehli dfa hi bachi ne khud se demand kerni start kr di k andr dalo ya isi tra, mra experience zra ht k he , but after reading ur story i can say it is story but written v carefully and most of the tym ur observation is v keen, u hav this talent of writing, 1 thing k just try to b more realistic like it is hardly once in a blue moon wali baat he k u sx in open place, nd hav no clothes on u, but use of places and names are v good, as the real names connects the virtual world to the real one, at the end u r awsm nd ur character Jameel is just about to fall in love, that is good, gradually matured , so keep it up, and if u hav som tym then just watch the tv show Calcification i hope it ll give u new concepts . and try to watch it form the Ist season nd i think now its 5th or 6th season is going on, best of luck nd hav a great tym,
  7. چک کے رکھ ڈاکٹر۔ میڈم دی لین دا بڑا مزا آن والا ہے۔
  8. kmaaaaal he kmaaal he , ye jo entry dali he sabiha durrani.. hmmmm es ki next updates mein lene ka plan ho ga. q k abi tak koi aysi bachi nahin ai jis ka nam to aya ho lekin chudi naho . wah wah wah
  9. v nice. story is getting more interesting. good effort. and especially with pics.. wow. aalaa
  10. کیا بات ھے ڈاکٹر خان ۔ بہت ھی اعلیٰ
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