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  1. In the next few minutes Aishwarya arrived at the beach after completing the course . She came out of the water swinging her wet hair backwards and moving her curvalicious body in small swings . The one thing that I can promise is that she was looking nothing less than a goddess of beauty and charm . She had defeated me outright with quite a large margin and hands down and deep inside even she was aware of her victory . I was quite sure that the only thing that would be going in her mind at that moment was on what to make this bastard do for me . “I Don’t think that there is any need for me to look at the timings . Everyone knows who the winner is “ , Aishwarya replied with a wicked smile on her face as she moved towards the place where she had left her clothes . “Yes I know that I’ve lost the race “ , I replied as I stood there still fully naked without anything on as I had also hidden my clothes with her . “Hey where are my clothes , I left them here .” “Mmmmm . Leave it .. Just sit here with me and we will have some talk “ , I replied . “Give me my clothes back you bastard “ , Aishwarya answered in rage . “ Darling be patient …come just sit here with me “ . “ I am going to kill you “ , Aishwarya replied as she headed towards me with anger and rage in her eyes . Aishwarya was just about to slap me on my face when I held her hand to stop her from doing any such thing . She tried to remove her hand from the grip of my fingers which left me with no other choice . I brought her closer to me with force and planted a kiss on her lips . It was the first time our lips and tongue met knowing to her. They were sliding against each other and I was in no mood to stop it . Our naked bodies were rubbing against each other during the kiss with my cock trying to make its presence felt . It was Aishwarya who broke the kiss by hitting me in the groin with her leg. I fell onto the ground and everything almost blackout in front of my eyes . “ You ever try to kiss me again and I will do you more harm than this “ , Aishwarya replied . I tried to regain my senses and get up on my legs. Suddenly I saw a group of men coming towards us at who were at that time at a distance of about 200 meters from us. I was not able to speak properly since Aishwarya had given a blow on my bare cock . I tried to inform her about the incoming guys with my fingers . At first she didn’t get at all what I was trying to indicate but when she did I could see the fear on her face …. “What should we do now ? , Aishwarya asked in anxiety . “ Run inside this forest now “ , I replied in a hurry . “But what about our clothes ? , I cant go in like this .” “I know where I hid them , we don’t have time to get them right now . Just come with me right now , we will come back to take our clothes in a few hours .” We both made our way into the small forest that was adjacent to the beach . We both ran for our lives as we didn’t want them to catch us naked and be humiliated in front of them . Moreover we couldn’t be sure about their intentions once they saw a beautiful women like Aishwarya naked . So we had no other alternative than to run into the forest . We ran for about more than a mile into the forest . My cock and Aishwarya’s boobs were bouncing and going haywire like anything during our run . After some time we decide to stop as we didn’t also want to get lost in this sort of a jungle . “ Who were those guys “ ? , Aishwarya asked. “Maybe the owners of those motorboats that were still on the beach or might be even some cops ” , I answered while trying to catch my breath . “So when should we go back to get our clothes ? “ “I don’t think going there before dark will be a good choice” . “You mean to say I will have to stay naked with you for next 8 hours or so in this jungle . It’s all your fault ” , Aishwarya replied in anger . “ We both sat down and relaxed at a log of wood for a few minutes trying to recuperate from the loss of breath due to the heavy running . In the start Aishwarya was trying to cover her vital genitals i.e her breast and her pussy , but when she thought of the time they were supposed to be spending together before they could make a move for their clothes mad her relax down a little . She was left with no other alternative then to let everything go with the swing . Most of Aishwarya’s efforts now to shrug herself together were probably not because of my presence but due to the cold she was feeling sitting naked . “ Where are you going now ? “ , Aishwarya asked after seeing me get up . “ I think we should move more into the forest “ , I replied . “ But why , we are already around a mile into the forest “. “Because we left that ice cooler containing the drinks at the beach , they might feel the urge to check inside the forest upto some distance. “ “But no , I am not going anywhere now “ . “Aishwarya we have got to go , there is no source of water or food here too .” “ Okie , come on then ” , she replied as while trying to make up on her foot . So finally after my persuassion Aishwarya agreed to move with me deeper and deeper into the jungle . I knew that the day was not going according to plan I had thought of around an hour back but having Aishwarya in the condition she was at the moment too not a thing I would had rejected . As we walked there was a soft hiss coming from the brush up ahead so we headed towards it to check it out . As I walk the hissing became more and more evident and I began to realize that it was a small waterfall that we could hear up ahead of me. I headed towards it thinking that we can relax and maybe have a soak in the pool of water at the base of the waterfall. The clouds were rolling in slowly and it began to sprinkle with rain as we gazed from the underbrush into the glen surrounding the pool. The ground was covered with soft grasses and there was a thick covering of moss over the large stone that lied near the edge of the water. "You just sit here Aishwarya I'll circle this place and look for fruit trees . You enjoy the waterfall till the time I ‘ back .” “Okie , but also bring in some clothes or anything to cover ourselves if you could find out there “ , Aishwarya stated rubbing her legs with her hands to generate hersome heat . I journeyed off into the maze of the jungle. I looked around. Surrounded by vines, climbing up trees, I lashed them out of my sight with my palms... Deeper inside now, I look up overhead and notice the grey sky looming down through the various assortment of trees. "Maybe this is where I was looking for.", I thought. Running through a riverbed, I got down on my knees, bending over to see the cause of the distress in my weakening knees. I saw a few round stones, and tripped. On my way down I saw a wild hog ( domestic pig ) running off. But, the direction in which it was going was still unfamiliar to me at this point. "Hmm," I thought. "How am I ever going to get back to Aishwarya now in time with the food.?" Walking now, over some dead brush, and smaller stones, I decided the only way to get back before the sun does, Is to follow the hog's footsteps. I followed these for quite a while. But didn't notice any recognizable foods, except for some kind of large purplish fruit with a brownish stalk. The trunk of this tree was too steep, and the fruit too high for me to grasp, I remembered, as the trail of hogprints ended suddenly. I found myself following trails of various unkown animal prints, on sides of the riverbed, each one ending shorter than the other. I gave up on all of those paths, and decided to simply go one direction to find the outskirts of the forest, and hopefully find Aishwarya before the night captured us. Walking this long journey through the jungle for a couple hours I got bored, wanted to tell Aishwarya of my discovery of new fruit . It had been around five hours since I had been wandering in this area trying to make my way back to Aishwarya. I had told her that I would be back in 15 minutes and deep inside i knew she would be worried . Probably not because she cared for me after the horrible things I had done to her in recent time but because I was a better man to trust in these circumstances than any other guy around here . Finally a light peeked in through the leaves of the jungle and my bare feet were welcomed by the loam of the beachfront. I turned to my right and saw logs burning in a campfire and an african man seated next to it. "What are you doing here ?", He said in a delerious tone. "Nothing , actually me and my friend have got lost ." i stated. “Where is your friend who you're talking about ? “ , he asked . “Well I left her inside and I forgot the way and cant make my way back to her” , I replied . “Do you have any idea of that place , what was it like ? “ “Yes , I left her right next to a waterfall .” “ I know that place , come follow me . By the way my name is Henry “ “My name is Aditya . So what are you doing here ? “ , I asked . “I come here one day every month for a plant called Hibercus . It heightens Sexual experience for both men and women .” “So it is a sort of a drug ? “ . “Yes” , Henry answered . “By the way why are you naked Aditya ? “ “Well me and my lady friend had a sort of accident and we both lost our clothes . Do you have any extra clothes ?“. “Sorry , but I don’t . I come on these forest trips with minimum baggage “. So with this he led me into the jungle again . I knew bringing an man with me there would he only exaggerate Aishwarya’s anger towards me considering the condition she was in . But I had no other alternative as he could only help me find her back in time . Finally I was able to find Aishwarya with Henry’s help . She tried to cover her bare breasts and pussy with her hands after seeing us , but I guess 2 were not enough . “Why are you so late and who is this guy ?“ “ I got lost in there trying to find food . He was aware of the whereabouts of this place and helped me find you.”“Ask him to leave now .” “Don’t worry Mam , I’m leaving . I just came here to help you out .” , Henry replied . So Henry was about to leave the place , when I called out his name. “Hey can I ask you one more favour please ?” , I asked . “Yes sure .” “Well that Hibercus drug thing . Can I have a slight amount …” “ Well it is quite expensive and difficult to find , say I will not be able to give you large amount . It will be enough for one time only .” “Sure , I will appreciate whatever you are able to give me . But do let me know on how to use it ?. “It is a sort of powder .Just rub it on a man’s cock or a women’s cunt and notice the magic .” Henry handed over a very small packet of Hibercus drug to me .Before leaving he also gave me a packet of canned food , a few drinks , a small oil bottle ,some taxi fare for my way back to the hotel and a small packet of local hypnotic drug . The sun was about to set but for me the day had just started . I knew what I could do with all this stuff that the generous Henry had left me with . It was going to be a rough night for poor Aishwarya . :-&
  2. NEW UPDATE I got up at around 6 in the morning . The second I rolled onto my side, I was face to face with the object of my mind's desires, Aishwarya Rai. She was asleep, so peaceful and innocent. I watched her for a moment and listened to the steady sound of her breathing. I almost didn't want to get up, but I knew that if I didn't do it now, I would never leave her side. So first I softly kissed her lips and then I don't remember how I got to this bed, but I frankly didn't care. Reluctantly, I crawled out of bed and stood up. I stretched out and heard a few faint snaps in my joints. Strolling up to the bathroom mirror, I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and gazed at my own reflection. Behind me, I saw Aishwarya nestled under the sheets in a fetal position. She looked so perfectly placed on that bed, I would not have doubted it if she were levitating over it. In any case, the shower was calling me and I did not want to greet this girl by killing her with my morning breath. I stepped out of the shower, feeling the after effects of a thorough clensing. My whole body was alive, awake, and at full attention. Covered in goosebumps and shivering all the while, I wrapped my damp form in a large, thick, blue robe. When I looked over at the bed, Aishwarya was nowhere to be found. I rounded the corner and stopped in my tracks as I was greeted by a warm and inviting sight. There was she, standing near the table and serving tea for the two of us. What's more, I noticed she had taken off her last night robe was wearing one of button-down work shirts, an almost transparent, white one with the sleeves rolled up loosely. The shirt didn't leave much to the imagination. It stopped at the right spot, revealing just enough so I could see that she was also wearing pastel blue, silk, bikini underwear. She was a vision to behold to say the least. "Someone was awake quite early," Aishwarya murmured sleepily with a lazy smile. "Good morning," I said. As leaning for a kiss. "Morning, " she beamed, As she kissed me "I hope you're hungry so I have asked room service for some eggs and toast also." "Famished." was all I could get out. "Just let me get these eggs onto your plate and we can eat." My aggressive stomach stopped its verbal assault as my dick rose to attention. Breakfast could wait, my body was hungry for something else. I waited for Aishwarya to deposit the fresh batch of scrambled eggs onto my plate. “So , what are our plans for the day Aishwarya !!! “ , I asked . “Well I ‘m thinking of going to this beach nearby “ , she replied. “But we are also staying in a beach side resort . Why go to another beach then ? “ , I whispered . “Because it is not crowded with people at all . I was thinking of relaxing there alone and tan in the sun “. After finishing her breakfast Aishwarya took a quick shower and got ready to go the beach . She got her bag ready with some lotions and sunshields while I got dressed up in my sports gear . In about 15 minutes time we were at the beach . There wasn’t even a single guy in one mile radius other than both of us other than some abandoned boat ships . The beach was completely secluded but the view was just simply beautiful. Aishwarya was looking damn sexy in her attire . Minute by minute I was just felling more and more in love with her. We both laid back on our beach chairs with a water cooler for drinks on our sides…….. “ Well let’s do something “ , I told Aishwarya . “Like what “ , she answered . “Are you good at swimming Aishwarya ? “ “yes , I am quite good at it .. I ve 3 years of full time experience at it .” “Would you like to have a race with me . I’m a natural born swimmer too “ , I replied. “I’M Not in mood of any race . If you want my interest in this race , you will have to add some spice in it first “ , she smiled with this comment . “The loser will do one thing the winner says at any cost .” “Ok that’s better… So where will the race be upto ? “. “You see that green motorboat up there is the destination . The first person to go their and come back earlier will be the winner .” “So let’s do it then “ , Aishwarya replied as she took off dress and stood their in her black sports bikini . “We’ll go individually . I’ll go first and then you will go “ , I replied with my eyes still on her bikini clad body . I immediately scampered off all the clothes that I was wearing . Even my underwear which came as a great surprise to Aishwarya “ . “Hey what are you doing ? “ , she asked . “Ohh I forgot to tell you this , you’ll also have to race nude like me . “ , I answered .’ “What made you think that I would be willing to swim naked ? “ Aishwarya asked in rage . “Aishwarya !! what’s the problem in it . There’s no one besides us here and I’ve already seen you naked a couple of times . So me seeing you nude must no be of any problem to you . “ , I replied . “Ok , but are you sure that there is no one around here “ . “Yes dear , don’t worry “. So in a matter of few seconds only , the race started . I took 4 mins and 53 seconds to complete the full length of course and come back . Meanwhile Aishwarya had stripped off her bikini and was standing naked while waiting for me . As soon as I stepped out of the water , the scene of her standing naked in front of me marked an immediate arousal for my wet cock . “So you think you would beat me my timing “ , I asked while trying to silence my cock . “I’ll do it within 3 minutes . Prepare your loser face.” “We will see , but remember the loser has to do whatever the winner says .” “Yes , I do “ , Aishwarya replied as she stepped into the water . When she had only just started her race , an evil idea came up in mind . I decide to hide her clothes somewhere so she would have to beg me to get them back in case i lose the race. I immediately hurried towards the palm tree and made a hole in the covering sand and disposed all her attire including her bikini too inside it and covered it with sand through various leg strokes . For me my pleasure week had just started , but more than that it was going to be a full week of seduction , fucking and humiliation for the Poor Aishwarya .
  3. “Okie .. What are these rules now ?? “ , i asked as i was puzzled about it . “Rule 1 is that that there will be no kissing anywhere.. Rule 2 is that your cock must not come anywhere near my body. “ “ I am okie with these Rules , but what is their significance .. “ , as I took her inside the bathroom . “I Don’t wont this to turn into a damn fucking session . That’s why these rules“ , Aishwarya replied in a stern voice . “Any other rules that I have to take care of ? “ “No …these should be enough . “ I raised her arms and took off her night gown .. The gown was then replaced by a bra, which accentuated Aishwarya’s full, round, firm breasts. She untied the bra she wore letting it casually fall from her breasts. Feeling somewhat horny by the hot and stifling air, she started to speechlessly remove her panty. Slowly removing her panties, revealing the only skin left unexposed before me. The breeze blew between her legs blowing gently on her rear end and into her soft, moist folds. I lifted her arms to remove the hair clip she’d been wearing. As it released, her long, wavy, auburn locks gently bounced down; flowing in front of her body, lightly caressing her pert nipples. The sight of my sexy partner with her perky breasts and all her charms freely exposed made me lift up. My cock hardened and reacheed its maximum length in a massive erection. Without the support of briefs, it was up, swinging and twitching aggressively. So beautiful she was looking right now...Wet blonde hair pulled back...Her smooth wet skin looked so warm...Her perfect nipples barely out of the water for me to see. She raised her right leg out of the water...stretching her feet...her toes...running her hands up and down her leg...hot soapy water dripping down her thighs. Such a sensual site to be there just watching her slowly bathing like that...leg slowly sinking back in the water as the brought up her left leg...as beautiful as the first...smooth wet skin...her soft hands sliding up and down her legs...staring at her hands as they went over her thighs...down under the water between her legs...watching her close her eyes while she slid her leg back in the water...imagining where her hands are at that moment... The gorgeous colors of soap bubbles and drops of water streaming on her white and soft figure seem to enlarge her breasts making them resemble bouncers after a tit job . I opened massage lotion bottle and began to rub the lotion onto her back. As i moved to her ass, i spend more time there than totally necessary, massaging, dipping my fingers into her crack, down between her legs. Now i was rubbing her feet. I continued working up her legs, until i reached her upper thighs, and took her by the hips and turned her over. I was kneeling between her legs, and just looking. I was gazing at her pussy, and I whispered , "It's beautiful." . I brushed her long sweaty blonde hair away from her right breast, and took it in my mouth, sucking it at first, and then circling my tongue around her nipple, slow and then harder and fast, as I came down from my orgasm . She held my hair in moan . As she continued to run her hands through my hair, I slid my hands down her body. She had such a body that any women would be jealous of . I slid my hands down to her bottom and smacked her butt cheeks hard. Her hands had quit running through my hair and were still. I pushed her off of me, and when she started to get up I pushed her back down in the water. I could tell she was once again getting turned on. Her cheeks were flushed, and she was panting. I turned to look over my shoulder and saw a large, yellow sponge sitting just under the edge of the tub. I hadn't noticed it before. I reached back and picked it up and when I turned back I realized there was a soapdish hanging over the edge of the tub. Without even a pause in our conversation, I was dunking the sponge through the lather andinto the water while I reached for the bar of soap sitting in the soapdish. As I lathered up the wet sponge with the soap, Aishwarya leaned forward and pulled her hair up and over her shoulder to keep it dry, giving me access to her back as if anticipating my next move. Starting with her shoulders, I washed her back all the way down under the water, which behind her was clear of lather. I stopped at the top of her ass only because she was still sitting on it. I withdrew my arm and the sponge from the water and re-soaped it as Aishwarya held out her arm. I took her hand and soaped her arm up to her shoulder, raised her arm and soaped her armpit. Amazingly, the soap lather still clung to her even with her arm raised -- not even the slightest swell of her breast was revealed. This didn't occur to me at the time, only in retrospect. At the time, things seemed to be so natural that it was as if, despite having a nude woman within arms reach, I wasn't thinking sexual thoughts. I know...it strikes me as weird, too. I ran the sponge down the underside of her arm and finished by cleaning her hand, which she then dunked under the water as she extended her other arm to me. I followed the same procedure on that arm, reaching across in front of her to do so. Both arms done, I lathered up the sponge again as Aishwarya reclined once again against the end of the tub, flipping her hair out over the edge as she did so. With her head tilted slightly back, I began washing Aishwarya's neck then moved to her upper chest. When my hand slid down under the lather, the sponge began riding down the swell of Aishwarya's right breast and when it passed lightly over her nipple, she closed her eyes and smiled. Since she appeared to be enjoying it, I ran the sponge around and over her nipple a few times before moving it around to the far side and coming back up underneath. A few more passes over her nipple and I moved on to the other breast, giving it a similar treatment. Aishwarya never spoke a word, but I was pleased to hear her sigh a few times. As I moved from her breasts down to her stomach, Aishwarya pulled her legs up so her knees stuck out of the water against the sides of the tub. The water had cleared of lather except for the far end, so I was able to see the large areolas and hard nipples that topped her 32C breasts as the sponge passed back and forth over her flat, muscular stomach. Beyond the sponge, I could see a patch of brown curls between her spread thighs and so, after cleaning her abdomen and hips, I decided to focus my efforts there. Aishwarya sucked in her breath as the sponge passed over her clit and her arms came up out of the water and gripped the sides of the tub. I ran the sponge up and down between her legs because that's basically all I could do with a sponge that big but she seemed to be enjoying it, judging by the contented look on her face and the little moans that kept escaping. I knew I could do a better job without the sponge, though, so I released it and let it float to the surface. I ran my fingers through her pubes and down over her now engorged pussy before drawing one finger back up between her lips to her waiting clit. As I toyed with her clit, the increased noises and utterings let me know that I was getting the desired effect. I alternated between playing with her clit and pumping a couple of fingers in and out of her. I swam over to the side of the tub and reached up and got my hands down her neck. Her eyes got big and round. I went back over to her and told her to stand up. She just looked up at me, and I reached down and got her hair and pulled her up. She was shivering from pleasure and when she reached over to touch me I slapped her hands away. I roamed my fingers slowly up and down her body. And then around and around I circled her, just letting the feather fingers touch her lightly in her most sensitive places. I used my hands to cleanse, caress and tease every part of her, all the external, or indeed almost internal, places i could reach. It was impossible for her to remain still in the tepid water. She couldn't help but to reach toward me with whatever part of her i caressed, to press against my hands in order to feel more of me, which was something i wouldn't allow, partly for the power involved and to keep me from rubbing my skin raw in its very softened state. I had her sometimes turn on her side, other times on her stomach, then again on her back in order to reach every bit, from behind her ears to between her toes and all places in between. It was glorious! I went into the room for a minute and brought an ice pack from the fridge and a small length rope that was lying in the almirah . I started to pull on the rope and her hands started to rise. I slowly, ever so slowly, continued to pull on the rope. When I was done pulling on the rope her arms were straight above her with her hands handcuffed together. I went over to the side of the tub and tied the rope to the towel rack. I had gotten a bowl of ice cubes and picked one up. I went over to her and stood in front of her with my hard cock standing straight out. I let my cock rub against her leg as I took the ice cube and gently touched it to her throat and softly ran it down over her chest to her nipples. She leaned her head back and moaned softly. I circled her nipple not letting the ice touch it. Then, I just barely rubbed the ice across the top of her nipple. The intake of her breath told me she was getting hotter and hotter. I then took the ice and drew it across her valley and to the other nipple. While I gently rubbed it over the other nipple I was pinching and pulling the one I had left. Her cheeks became scarlet colored, as perhaps another orgasm came over her. I gently took hold of Her hands and gradually eased her to my feet, being sure to keep her steady since the tub was slick with water and that hint of body oil. I released the plug on the drain, and IT seemed to see all our previous stress and tension flow away. I removed the hand-held shower head from its base on the wall, turned on the water, and while She waited for the right temperature he adjusted it to the shower pulse setting I wanted. Soon i gently rinsed her off, concentrating the jets on, for example, her belly, but only slightly skimming over her quite erect nipples and swelling pussy. I knew darn well that especially her pussy would be feeling incredibly soft and dramatically more sensitive to touch, so i wasn't successful in trying to make it look accidental that i mostly avoided attending to that area. I sprayed water only enough to rinse but enough for her pleasure also. However I insured I had very thoroughly rinsed between her ass cheeks, haD her sweet spot there was superbly clean, and that certainly did feel stupendous! Suddenly, the most intense feeling of pleasure I had ever experienced emanated from my prick and balls and I could feel myself orgasming deep into water . I was covered to my body with my own semen. The feeling of Aishwarya's pussy was phenomenal, beyond anything I could have anticipated. Despite being in a warm, wet bath, I could actually feel the warmth and wetness of her pussy . I can't even describe the feeling well enough to do it justice -- the tightness, the slipperiness, the heat -- it was simply the best, most pleasurable, most erotic sensation I have ever felt in my life. She was making waves in the tub which threatened to splash over the sides. When the tub was nearly all drained after the shower was also off, I slowly and lovingly toweled her off, embracing her, caressing her with the towel, again ensuring that i reached all areas to dry her. Well, almost all areas! I freed the ropes that held her hands and quickly dropped the towel between us once she was standing on the bathroom floor beside me , then embraced her completely, enjoying her slight dampness against my wet body that was itself beginning to glisten from the humidity of the bath and her growing desire. Did she lead me into the bedroom, or did I lead her, or did we just suddenly end up there? I can't really say now . We both headed for the drawers of the Almirah . She picked her self a white silk bra and panty accompanied by a night robe . Meanwhile I just slipped myself into my black boxer shorts .She sat on the bed and spread her legs a little apart to wear her panty . “ Can you help me with the strap of this bra ? “, Aishwarya asked. I helped her with her bra thing . She covered herself with her night robe and we both went to sleep with her on the bed and myself on the couch . But deep inside I knew that how I had spent the last past hour of my life would keep me wake for many hours to come .
  4. Scene IV Location : Room 107 Date : 4th Feb , 2010 ********************* I went to the bar for some drinks and by the time I got back , it had gotten quite late . The time just flew by and I didn’t notice . It was around midnight so I had expected Aishwarya to be fast asleep by this time of the night . The door was not bolted so I made my way in and untucked my coat. To my surprise Aishwarya was still awake and reading a magazine while relaxing on the couch . She was dressed in a maroon colored night gown with the straps of her pink flowered bra clearly visible . Her attire revealed so much of her cleavage that it was impossible for anyone to keep their mind of it. The gold chain on her neck just summed up her elegance and charm . In two words in which I could describe her at the moment were “ Simplicity Personified “ . I was so aroused seeing her at the moment that I had no other choice to have an imaginery telepathic conversation with my cock . Me : “I promised myself that I was not going to make any move on her on this trip “. Cock :†Are you crazy , can’t you see how she’s looking . You will not get a better chance than this in the whole trip†. Me : “But …..†Cock : “Trust your cock , I give better advice than your heart and mind . I’m always right.†Me: “Yes , you’re always right “ , as I approached her with evil intentions . “So , you are here , I was just about to go to sleep “ , Aishwarya said as she stood up after seeing me . “Can you please wait for just few minutes , we haven’t got chance to talk at all since we got here †, I answered . “Yes sure its no problem on side , after all you won the right to spend a weekend with me .†“Thanks †, I said as I searched my bag for the camera . “So what do you want to talk about ? “ , Aishwarya asked as she was playing with her hair while sitting on the couch . “So when are you planning your first child with Abhishek ?“ , I asked . “Not at the moment but soon for sure . Maybe by the end of this year “ , she told me as she adjusted her gown to make sure it wasn’t revealing much . I picked up my camera and started to shoot her from top to bottom . “Hey what are you doing ? “ , she asked as if she was not amused by it at all . “Just appreciating your beauty , nothing else “. “Stop it , stop it . Just right now “ , she answered in rage . “Ok as you say “ , I was just pissed at her at this moment . “Where are you going ? “, she asked me as I stood up from the bed in anger . “Going to have a bath , so I can have a proper night sleep “. “I’m sorry but the fact is that I am just not comfortable with this camera thing. Just to let you know I will do anything to make up for your this dissapointment from my part.†“I am going for a bath . Come join me if you want to make up for it .†She just said there nonplussed after listening to my remark . I also regretted a little what I had just said to Aishwarya . It is not something that is said on the first day you meet a celebrity like her . I decided to carry on with the bath thing . I undressed my self in disgust inside the bathroom and left the door ajar . I spent a few minutes under the shower and then decided to step into the jacuzzi (bathtub) . When suddenly the door of the bathroom opened . “All I can do at this moment is give you a bath with my hands . Nothing else “ . “Thanks Aishwarya , it would make my day†, as I winked at her . “And you better stay in your limits , don’t try to make any move on me “ , she told me as she gave a smile . “ I promise .“ She said beside me on the rail of the jacuzzi .Taking a washcloth from a rail above, she lathered it with body wash. Aishwarya began to work it in firm, slow circles over the muscles of my shoulders and down my back. I tickled her legs under the water and she giggled. Aishwarya leaned forward, pressing her breast against my broad back as she reached around to wash my chest in the same lazy circles she had used on my back. Reversing her direction, she went up to my arms and worked her way down my right arm then shifted over and did my left. "Hold up your arms,please," she requested. She washed under them then let me put them down. She reached around with the washcloth and gently worked around my cock and balls making me groan. My cock started to fill and i tookthe washcloth from Aishwarya. It could be a little rough, so i preferred Aishwarya to work with her bare hands in the water, she did an admirable job with them. Tonight, Aishwarya was in top form. She closed her eyes as she leaned her cheek against my back and felt her way with her sensitive fingers. She lightly explored the contours of the expanding cock, teasing me with the light touch. Then she took my erection in both hands and began to stroke the water slicked flesh. She took the shower blog and washed off all the remaining lather from my body. “That’s all I can do for you . I did what you asked for “ , Aishwarya replied as she took care of her attire . “Thanks dear , I will never forget this ever in my life “. Aishwarya washed her hands and left the bathroom . But my intentions with her had not been satisfied at all even now . I got up from the bathtub and also moved out of the bathroom fully naked . I held her from behind and picked in my arms . “Hey what are you doing , you bastard “ , Aishwarya replied in utter rage and anger . “You gave me a bath and now I am going to do the same to you “ , I replied. “ But …..†“Cant you do this last thing for me , I will never ask you ever for anything †, I pleaded her . “This will be the last favour , are you sure you want to go through with this “ , she asked . “ Yes…..†“Ok , I will allow you to bath me but with a few minor restrictions “. “Restrictions!!!????†, I asked her . “You can call them rules actually that you will have to follow while giving me a bath †, Aishwarya said softly .
  5. Scene 3 Location : Hotel Spa Date : 4th Feb ,2010 ************************ “Hello my name is Salim , I am a huge fan of your work “ . He shaked her hand, as he looks into her beautiful brown eyes." “Can I get some treatment here?" , Aishwarya asked . "You may get whatever you wish to from here." Salim smiled. as he pointed into the small room that exists off of the main room. "You may change there Mam." “What about my friend here , who will massage him ?†, Aishwarya asked . “Mam actually Koena is on leave , she is assigned to massage the guys. But she left a little early todayâ€. “SO , What now?â€. “ Sir ! , if you are okie with it , after I am finished with Mam I can massage you .†“No , Aishwarya you get it done today , I will drop by sometime tomorrow here.†“Ok , as you wish “, Aishwarya answered. “ Where is the changing room ? “. Salim smiled. as he pointed into the small room that exists off of the main room. "You may change there Mam." Aishwarya walked out of the room to get ready and meanwhile Salim was making arrangements for the session. “Salim , I have a proposal for you , if you may like?†“I am listening sir†, he replied. “What will you take to walk away from here ?†, I asked. Salim smiled and answered “ Sir just 800 dirhams“ . “Here take my watch as I don’t have the money right now , its quite more in worth than your 800 dirhams .†“Ok , sir I ‘ll leave you two birds alone “ , Salim answered as he slid the watch into his pocket and walkout out through the door . Moments later Aishwarya walked into the room with her hair loose and nothing but just a towel wrapped around her . Her long tanned legs were nothing less than perfect . The only thing I could tell at that moment was that if a cock didn’t get aroused by what I was seeing , it didn’t deserve to be out in the open. “ Where is Salim ? “ , Aishwarya asked as she tried to dry off her hair with her bare hands. “The poor fellow had to leave , some family emergencyâ€. “ Ohh , lets leave then to our roomâ€. “But without the massage .†“But there is no alternative “. “I Could give it a try. “ “You seriously ? “ , Aishwarya answered as she adjusted her towel to reveal minimal cleavage . “ Yes why not ? “ “Ok , thenâ€. I then told her that I would be back in a minute after I had washed my hands, and that she should lie down on her stomach. I returned a minute later, and there she was, with a towel lightly covering her back, obviously naked under the towel. I could see her large, nicely round breasts from the side. I had a hard time remembering where to start. I wanted to simply jump on the bed because she was she looking so dam hoT. I decided to put on some light sensual music and made the lights a little dim to support the aura of the room . “Mam , you can relax now as the session is about to start and I would try to give you a massage that you won’t forget ever in your lifetime .†“Hope so , but remember work only on the back side of my body , you won’t be allowed to come up on the front and the most important be in your limits†, she replied . I focused on the job at hand and warmed some Raspberry scented lotion between my Hands. I lightly started working between her shoulders, softly caressing her upper body. I switched to a warm Lavender oil as started applying more pressure, working from her neck to her mid back, and along her sides. I then switched gears, and started working on each leg. I softly held her beautiful long legs, and moved my hand slowly up each. Each time I would move further and further up each leg, until I reached her tight, smooth ass. I then cupped her ass and lightly massaged it with some warm oil, rotating around each cheek for a while. She moaned softly, and I asked her if she wanted me to continue, which she said yes. I started applying a little more pressure, and would take both hands and slide them up her cheeks to the mid of her back and then up her spine. When I reversed, I would travel down her spine, and continue slowly and lightly between each cheek. I started to repeat this, getting closer and closer to her womanhood. She started to rise slightly off the bed, as I got closer and closer. Each time she would sigh and breathe deeply. As Aishwarya lied on the table, and I massagad her neck she enjoyed the feeling that i did to her sexy body. My hands had not left her neck yet, and she perhaps could see my erection under the table. She then started to spread her legs further open, and this gave me closer access to her inner thigh, as well as a wonderful view of her glistening pussy. I then shifted once again to her inner legs and thighs, getting so close to her mound, yet shying away at the last second. She was now breathing heavy, and her body was undulating under my fingers. Just when she was sure that I was going to finally touch her sex, I switched back to her spine and ass. This time, I was more brazen as I allowed my finger to slide down the crack of her ass, and just sit near her mound. I could feel her tense up as I came close, almost without words begging me to slide in. This went on for a little bit, and then I finally took my finger and traced her outer lips. She sighed loudly and whispered yessss! I used one hand, with the fingers spread apart to tease the outer lips, while my other hand still teased her ass. She was now gyrating on my hand as she dripped her hot juices on my fingers. “I Think we should stop now , enough for the day “ , Aishwarya smiled and ordered.†“Didn’t you like it what I had to offer ? “ , I asked . “Actually I feel like 19 again . It was a great session , its just that I thnks its enough for today “ , she replied as she covered her body with the towel . “As you wish Aishwarya !!â€. “Two more things I wanted to clear out . I allowed you to touch some compromising parts of my body so it should not get out in the open that I allowed you that .†“I will carry it to my grave , you can be rest assured . Nobody will ever come to know about it. What is the second thing ? “ , I asked . “Adjust your cock a little , its poking out too much from its restricted territory “ , she smiled as she said that . “Ok Aishwarya I will see to it .†“I’m going to the changing room to dress up again . Meet me at our room in 15 minutes .†“Actually I was thinking of going to the bar to catch some drinks for the moment . I will be there in some time .†So we both said bye to each other and parted our ways for some time.
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