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  1. kafi batyn jhot hain mgr story bani ki kafi achi try ki hai good work try to be more realistic
  2. very nice decisions and congratulation to Ali and mile stone for being promoted.
  3. sub kuch gud mud hoo gya hai ab smjh nai aa rhi kh akhri line phly paroon ya phli akhar sy
  4. Welcome to the Urdu Fun Club hopefully you will find a lot of fun over here.....
  5. is it true did any other friend tried it????????????
  6. A Warm and Hartley Welcome to you from Me as well the team members had already welcomed You
  7. Great work madam and also post some tutorials about adobe photo shop I want to learn it I know the tools but don't know of there proper use want to learn it!
  8. hain 15 mints kyse??? munjhy tu bs 5 mint lgty hain................ab sochyn in 5 panch mint ky lye 3 din wait.......hai na world record of waiting.
  9. Bhai wsy hoon tu main bhi ap ki category ka hi Mtlb Naliq hoon. Lakyn agr koi purzoor khwaish kry tu I can convert it to urdu what you say? oh Wah jo wah Shandar jwab dya hai Dirya ko kozy main bnd kr dya I was worreid about this issue.......
  10. Jamil bhai shab tu Double Pardasi hoo gye...... I only learn from this story that the person who dares wins usually.
  11. Jyse krni wyse bhharni anyway nice joke
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