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  1. Nimra kanwal

    hi nimra. i am also married have to kids 5 and 10. but very bored with dull life. wana talk to u coz i am also a fina art and graphic teacher and the head of my designing department. so we both r teachers and married i think we can share some awsm thoughts and help each other..any way salaaaaam n wellcome
  2. I m sehar

    hi sehr gud to find somone i like not coz of that k tm ladki ho but ur txtn se lagta haik tm educated or sober ladki ho.. i m an artist just join UFC to know what the hell is oing on in pkistan
  3. صائمہ کی طرف سےسب کوسلام

    welcome to you saima....enjoy cyber love
  4. and squirting

    Hi boys and gals. i m new here so be helpfull. yhanks i want you people to tell me about G spot and squirting. i wana know that how many girls and boys knows abt g spot and squirting. waiting for ur thoughts