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Foot Care Tips

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*Wash your feet daily in luke warm soapy water. Do not soak the feet as this may cause them to become excessively dry.

*Dry your feet thoroughly, especially in between the toes.

*Apply moisturizing cream all over the feet, except in between the toes.

*Inspect your feet regularly. Particular attention should be given to changes in color and temperature of your feet.

*Any growth on your feet such as corns calluses and verrucae's should be monitored.

*Peeling of the skin or excessively dry skin should be treated.

*If your feet are itchy, that may be a sign of a fungal infection of the skin.

*Trim toe nails with a nail trimmer. Cut them straight across and not too short. Do not cut down the corner as this cam lead to in growing toenails.

*Select appropriate shoes for your feet.

*Wear new shoes in slowly and remember new shoes should not hurt your feet.

*Do not carry out bathroom surgery, cutting out a corn with a pair of scissors can be very dangerous and can lead to further problems with the feet.

*Avoid walking barefoot, as your feet are more prone to injury and infection.

If you are at a beach, put sun block cream on your feet as well as the rest of your body.

*Men should wear cotton socks that absorb moisture. Women should avoid excessively restrictive nylon tights.

*Always consult your doctor if you have any foot complaints.

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