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What is Love

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What is Love

Whats Love?

Its love when a little baby girl puts all her energy 2 give her daddy a head massage 2 relief his headache.

Its love when a wife makes tea 4 her husband & take a sip b4 him 2 see if the tea is ok.

Its love when a mother gives her son da best piece of chicken and he pass it 2 his younger sister.

Its Love when a friend holds ur hand tightly on a slippery road after rain 4 ur protection.

In My Openion

Love is actually a name of care.

What do You Think ????

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WaHHH Tariq Jani.... So Swettt Thread Bnaya Hai Ap Ne...

Mere Khalyal Main Thats Right Ke Love Is Actually A Name Of Care Because Jo Bat Pyar Muhabat Main hai

Woh Kahai Nahi GG... Love insan ko Aik Dosre Ka Khayal Rakhan Sekhat Hai

Love naam he Care ka Hai G ....

Thanks So Much For Very nice Post

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