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Black Crow

Inpage Short Keys

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Ctrl + N

To Create a New File

Ctrl + O

To Open a File

Ctrl + S

To Save a File

Ctrl + Alt + S

To Save As… a File

Ctrl + Y

To Import Text/Picture

Ctrl + Alt + Y

To Export Text/Picture

Ctrl + P

Print a File

Ctrl + F4

Close the File

Alt + F4

Exit / Close Program

Ctrl + X

Cut Selected Item(s)

Ctrl + C

Copy Selected Item(s)

Ctrl + V

Paste Selected Item(s)

Ctrl + Z

Undo / Redo Last Action

Ctrl + F

Find Text

Ctrl + R

Replace Text


Story Editor


Typographic Preferences

Alt + F11

Application Preferences

Ctrl + F11

Document Preferences


Zoom - Fit to Window


Zoom – 50%


Zoom – 100% (Original)


Zoom – 200%


Snap to Guides

Double-Click On Rulers

Format Guides

Alt + Insert

Insert New Page

Alt + Delete

Delete Page(s)

Ctrl + Alt + I

Insert Index Entry

Ctrl + Alt + O

Insert Table of Contents

Ctrl + Alt + G

Group Objects

Ctrl + Alt + U

Ungroup Objects


Go to Font Window (Ribbon)

Alt + F12

Go to Page Window (Page)

Ctrl + F12

Go to Zoom Window (View)

Double Click

To Select Word

Triple Click

To Select Paragraph

Ctrl + A

Select All

Drag Drop File

Open File from File Manager

Drag Drop Picture

Insert Picture from File Manager

Ctrl + B

Bold Selected Text

Ctrl + I

Italics Selected Text

Ctrl + Alt + L

Left Alignment

Ctrl + Alt + R

Right Alignment

Ctrl + Alt + C

Center Alignment

Ctrl + Alt + J


Ctrl + Alt + F

Full Justified

Ctrl + Alt + T

Toggle Text and Tab Modes

Ctrl + T

Define Style Sheets

Ctrl + H

Character Format

Ctrl + G

Paragraph Format

Ctrl + Shift + F5

Increase Line Leading Space

Ctrl + Shift + F6

Decrease Line Leading Space

Ctrl + F5

Increase Character Spacing

Ctrl + F6

Decrease Character Spacing

Ctrl + Shift + F7

Increase Character Scaling

Ctrl + Shift + F8

Decrease Character Scaling

Ctrl + F7

Baseline Shift Up

Ctrl + F8

Baseline Shift Down

Ctrl + F9

Decrease Font Size

Ctrl + F10

Increase Font Size

Alt + Page Down

Go to Next Page

Alt + Home

Go to First Page

Alt + End

Go to Last Page

Alt + Up Arrow

Top of Previous Textbox

Alt + Down Arrow

Top of Next Textbox

Ctrl + Up Arrow

Top of Paragraph

Ctrl + Down Arrow

Top of Next Paragraph

Page Up

Scroll Page Up

Page Down

Scroll Page Down

Alt + Enter

Toggle Master/Document pages

Ctrl + Space

Toggle Eng/Urdu Keyboard

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